Add Dimension And Beauty With Ornamental Grasses

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Ornamental grasses add beauty, color, and texture to any landscape. Many of these grasses grow to be tall enough to provide privacy or a clean, organic way to divide property lines. Ornamental grasses are relatively low-maintenance and many of them will last through the fall months, until temperatures reach near freezing overnight. There are so many different types of ornamental grasses that it would be best to speak with a professional in your region to find the right grasses for your landscape. The following grasses are great for most fall landscapes:

Blue Oat Grass is one of the most popular grasses. The dense, blue colored greenery is attractive year round. Blue Oat Grass is not only well suited for mild climates, it is also fairly drought resistant.

Blue Oat Grass

Fountain Grass is another great option for fall landscapes. Throughout the year, Fountain Grass is a beautiful shade of green and in the fall it turns to a golden yellow hue.  It will also provide gorgeous white and purple flowers that will last through the fall. This is a larger grass, reaching nearly three feet tall.

Feather Reed Grass is a very sturdy grass.It can handle excessive watering, lots of sun, or a lot of shade. It will grow to around three to five feet and will deliver white or red flowers in the summer months.

Big Blue-stem is similar to a prairie grass and can reach heights as tall as eight feet. This is the perfect grass to use if you are looking for something to provide privacy. Throughout the summer months, this grass is a blue-green color. In the fall, the color changes to a brilliant orange with plentiful flowers.

Make sure to check with professionals in your area to find the perfect Ornamental Grass for your landscape. Planting grasses is an easy way to add dimension and curb appeal to your property.


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