Tree and Shrub Fertilizer in the Winter?

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Yes! It’s Called Dormant Feeding

You might think that winter is time to take a break from caring for your landscaping, but applying tree and shrub fertilizer at this time has several benefits. Dormant feeding happens when you fertilize shrubs, trees and perennials after they have stopped growing for the season. It can happen anytime from late fall through the early beginning of spring.

Tree and Shrub Fertilizer in the Winter?

Benefits of Tree and Shrub Fertilizer in the Winter

Dormant feeding, also called deep root fertilization, is a well-established practice for arborists and landscapers.

  • You can fertilize heavier in the winter, without the risk of leaf burn or flower drop
  • Roots will grow stronger and more resilient to pests and drought. Trees and shrubs are able to use this fertilizer exclusively for root growth, since the plant is dormant above ground
  • During the growing season, foliage will be healthier and lush

Tree and shrub fertilizer in the winter is an important step for keeping your landscaping healthy. But we’ve also seen these treatments improve the growth and beauty of plants that were suffering from poor health. It’s often worthwhile to try deep root fertilization on stressed trees and shrubs, and it’s certainly less expensive than replacing them.

Paramount Starts Our Tree and Shrub Fertilizer Program with Dormant Oil

Tree and shrub fertilizer isn’t the only way to protect your landscaping in the winter. Our Tree and Shrub Care Program begins each year with a dormant oil application. This environmentally-friendly product works to prevent insects from causing damage to your plants.

It’s a natural, oil-based pesticide that protects your landscaping and preserves the environment. During dormant winter months, some pests seek out trunks, branches, twigs and buds for cold-weather homes and food sources. In the spring, they can cause an unpleasant surprise when their damage to your plants becomes obvious. Common insects that overwinter on trees include:

  • Aphids
  • Mealy worms
  • Mites
  • Sawflies
  • Spotted lantern flies
  • Whiteflies

When applied directly to the bark, dormant oil smothers insects and their eggs. As long as the tree or shrub isn’t growing, it’s perfectly safe for the plant.

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