Snow Shovels – Plastic or Metal?

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The most essential tool for the winter is the snow shovel. Without this little tool, we would struggle to maintain a comfortable life throughout the snowy season. Besides keeping the driveway and walks cleared of snow, we often have to remove snow from our homes, sheds, and cars so that they will not suffer from the damage caused by a heavy snow fall. With modern equipment, there are many ways to remove snow – from plows to snow blowers. However, the most common method for residential properties is, and always will be, the shovel. The big question is…metal or plastic?

When metal shovels were first introduced they were made of steel, which made them very heavy and bulky. Because of their weight, metal shovels were typically small – the larger the blade, the heavier the shovel. However, now they are made of light-weight aluminum.  This makes them much easier to use and allows them to come in a variety of shapes and sizes. While you can still find the classic flat style shovel, the more popular choice is a curved blade, similar to a snow plow, which makes is easier to push the snow into a pile. The draw backs to a metal shovel are that they may bend or warp and the snow often sticks to them.

Plastic shovels are extremely light-weight. They also can be found in many different shapes and sizes. They also can come in a variety of colors, which makes the options nearly endless. Unlike the metal shovels, snow does not typically stick to the plastic shovels as they are often made with a non-stick coating. They will also not bend or warp. The main concern with a plastic shovel is that they may break or snap. A shovel breaking will largely depend on the quality and type of plastic used to manufacture the shovel. Ironically, extremely cold weather may also cause the plastic to break.

Shoveling snow is not always the most enjoyable task but if you find the tool that will work best for you it will make the job a little bit easier.

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