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The number one choice of irrigation specialists everywhere, Rain Bird sprinklers, was the brain-child of a California citrus farmer named Orton Englehart. Orton filed for a patent for the Rain Bird sprinklers design in 1933, and today Rain Bird Corporation has received more than 130 patents for their products and is the leading manufacturer and provider of irrigation products and services.

Rain Bird sprinklers and controllers are widely used to control irrigation systems at huge places like sports arenas, golf courses, and amusement parks, however they also continue to be one of the highest-quality sprinkler systems a homeowner can purchase. A professionally-installed Rain Bird sprinkler system is a great way to increase the value of your home, save water and money, and give homeowners more free time, all the while making your lawn the envy of your neighborhood.

You can easily spot Rain Bird sprinkler heads when you see them; their unmistakable logo symbolizes an ancient myth about a bird that would bring rain and save the crops. Rain Bird is to sprinklers as Nike is to sports. Their logo is now a recognized symbol around the world.

The Rain Bird sprinkler system is not a run-of-the-mill product. It has been specially engineered to deliver just the right amount of water to target areas in your garden or lawn, making it incredibly efficient and economic. In spring of 2007, Rain Bird introduced the Simple-To-Set Irrigation Timer (SST). This user-friendly, multi-program timer ensures maximum water savings all year long. Rain Bird sprinklers also have a moisture-sensing device that can automatically turn the system off when it rains.

Rain Bird sprinklers need to be placed at the right locations for optimum use and efficiency. Planning and design prior to installation are of the utmost importance. Paramount Lawn + Landscape uses nothing but the best, which is why we are proud to offer our customers Rain Bird sprinklers.

Put the hose down, enjoy the warm weather, and call Paramount today for a quote on your new, state of the art, sprinkler system! (513) 984-5200

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