Proper Mowing Techniques

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Believe it or not – there is a wrong way and a right way to cut your lawn. Follow the steps below to make it easier on yourself while ensuring your lawn looks its best throughout the year.

Step 1 – Plan

Do you want to trim and then mow or mow and then trim? Some people prefer to trim first so the clippings can be mulched by the mower, while others prefer to mow first in order to cut down on time spent trimming. There is not a wrong choice here, but it is important to choose one approach and stick with it to avoid wasting time by continuously swapping tools.

Step 2 – Border

Create a border with your mower around the area to be cut. This will give you a guide as well as create an area wide enough to turn your mower around without running it into a flower bed.

Step 3 – Avoid Buzz Cuts

Cutting your lawn too short can leave ugly brown patches and put stress on the root system. This could eventually kill the turf and cause weeds to poke through. Keep your lawn roughly 3 inches tall to avoid an unsightly, uneven look.

Step 4 – Slow It Down

Rushing the mowing can lead to uneven cuts and can leave behind large clumps or clippings. Slow it down – take your time!

Step 5 – Keep Your Head Up

Rather than looking down at the mower, look a few feet ahead of the mower. This will allow you to get straighter lines and a better cut.

Step 6 – Leave The Clippings Alone

Picking up your clippings after you are done mowing seems like the best thing to do, however, if you leave them on your lawn they will break down and provide vital nutrients to the soil. Healthy turf equals happy turf.

Step 7 – Mix Things Up A Bit

Switch up the direction that you cut each week. Grass will lean in the direction that it is cut – by changing the direction every so often it will encourage the grass to grow straighter and stronger.

Following these tips will help you get a quick, easy, efficient, and perfect cut on your lawn!

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