Moles-Pesky Little Critters

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Moles. Pesky little moles. Moles are a significant problem for many homeowners who just want a beautiful lawn, a gorgeous flower bed, or a productive vegetable garden. They not only damage your lawn, they also pose a threat to the health and life of your lawn, garden, and plants. Contrary to popular belief, moles do not eat the roots of your plants. However, their constant tunneling can break those roots, leading to severe and irreparable damage, or even death, to the plants. Lawn mole control is no small feat, though, fortunately, it IS possible to control moles and end the destruction they cause.

Out of desperation, people have tried all kinds of methods in their attempts at mole control: smoke bombs, poisons, gas. Some people will even stick garden hoses into the burrows to perhaps flush the creatures out! Often this does work, but temporarily. However, the amount of water required could flood your lawn and plants, causing as much damage as a mole can. Pesticides or other types of poisons may also work temporarily, but these substances pose a threat to the insects that help to make your lawn look as beautiful as it does. Pesticides can also be hazardous to you and your family.

Most of the so-called remedies floating around do not work permanently. Often these ‘remedies’ are too expensive, too dangerous, or sometimes just completely illegal. Smoke bombs, moth balls, gasoline, poison, human hair as a repellent — forget all of these. The best solution for controlling moles is a trap.

There are least 60 types of traps on the market today, and some work better than others. If killing the cute, little, destruction-causing critters is not an option, you can find traps that will simply catch the moles so that they can be relocated. Trapping is a method that can work every time when done right. Be sure to thoroughly comprehend how the trap works before purchasing and setting it up. Talk to the employees at your local hardware store to find out what trap is right for you.

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