Lawn Fertilization Schedule: The Time is Now

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Lawn Fertilization Schedule: The Time is Now

Don’t Give Dandelions a Chance

Our customers have been filling Paramount’s lawn fertilization schedule since January. They know that the way to stop dandelions is to have a trusted lawn fertilization company in place before the early weeds of spring have a chance to germinate.

The Ohio State University advises about dandelions:

“Flowers form mostly in April and May, but flowers have been known to appear as early as February and as late as June.”

April will be here soon enough, which means dandelions are making their first moves already. It takes about 8 – 15 weeks after germination for a dandelion to bloom. Once they bloom, it only takes 9 – 12 days for those seeds to start flying and infest your lawn. Check out this time lapse video showing the lifecycle of a dandelion over a year.

Paramount’s Lawn Fertilization Schedule Keeps Your Lawn Green & Weed-Free

At Paramount Lawn + Landscape, we love Cincinnati lawns. We’ve perfected the local lawn fertilization schedule over decades, and our customers trust us to keep their lawns lush and free of weeds year after year.

Our 6-Step Lawn Fertilization Program is ideally calibrated for the Cincinnati area.

6-Step Lawn Fertilization Program

In early spring and late spring, we apply pre-emergent herbicides and broadleaf weed control to keep various weeds under control, including:

  • Dandelions
  • Crabgrass
  • Clover
  • Thistle
  • Chickweed
  • Violets
  • Speedwell
  • Oxalis
  • Ground ivy
  • Purslane

A Cincinnati Lawn Fertilization Schedule Includes Fertilizer Spring, Summer and Fall

The best way to discourage weeds of all types is to ensure your turf is healthy and lush. A thick, green lawn will resist weeds because of the density of its growth and root coverage. That’s why our lawn fertilization schedule includes fertilizer application 6 times per year:

  1. Early spring
  2. Late spring
  3. Early summer
  4. Late summer
  5. Early fall
  6. Late fall

During winter, your lawn has gone dormant, so fertilization isn’t needed until things begin to warm up again. The late fall fertilization will strengthen your turf’s roots to be ready for vigorous growth in the early spring (and sometimes even late winter, depending on how cold the season was).

Lawn Fertilization Schedule: The Time is Now

Grub Control: Another Important Part of Your Lawn Fertilization Schedule

Fewer things can damage turf roots as badly as grubs. It’s critical to prevent grubs from taking hold in your lawn, because you won’t know they are there until unsightly brown spots develop. By then, you’re looking at a long process to rehabilitate and regrow your lawn.

At Paramount, we apply insect and grub control in Round 3, during early summer. This preventative measure is another way we keep your lawn healthy, thriving and weed-free.

Paramount Customer Reviews

We are honored that our customers give us such great reviews. On Google, we average 4.9 stars. Here’s what customers are saying about our lawn fertilization services:

“Matt was awesome to work with. He fertilized and treated my yard, explained problem areas and special treatments necessary without being pushy, and was super responsive and professional. My yard looks great. Highly recommend.” – David

“Paramount Lawn + Landscape is the only lawn fertilization service for us! We have tried others and have come back because of the excellent service and quality they provide! Our lawn is thick, lush and green.” – Keesha

“I’ve been with Paramount now for about 13 years and have had a very good experience with them.” – Robert

“They have fertilized and aerated our yard for the last several years. We contracted with them to do some work on our daughter’s home too. They have always done great work and we highly recommend them.” – Michael

Get on the Lawn Fertilization Schedule!

Our early spring rounds are happening soon, and you don’t want to miss it. If you haven’t already gotten on the Paramount Lawn Fertilization Schedule, now is the time. Contact us with questions, or get an Instant Quote right now.

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