Customizing Your Home With Landscape Edging

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If you are looking to enhance your yard and garden, edging can help create a beautiful focal point. There are numerous materials that can be used for edging including wood, metal, pavers, and stone. The type of material you choose should complement the style of your home, so before you make a decision be sure to get to know your options.


Stone is a popular choice for edging, and the most natural looking. Stones come in all shapes, sizes and colors, which make it a versatile option for edging. Use stone if you are looking for a classic, yet informal, look. Placing the stones in sand is a quick and easy option, but for more permanent edging set the stones in concrete.



Pavers are also very popular for edging. Pavers come in a variety of colors, which makes it easy to find a color scheme that will compliment your home. With a classic look and an incomparable longevity, pavers will help to enhance the curb appeal of your home for many years to come. To help with leveling your pavers, and to provide a cushion underneath, a layer of sand should be put down before beginning to lay out the pavers.



Metal can create a modern, industrial, clean look. Most metal edging is made of either steel or aluminum, and both options work quite well. Steel is heavier and sturdier, but will rust overtime and may need to be replaced. Aluminum is much lighter and won’t rust, which enables it to last a lot longer.


Wooden Timbers:

Wooden landscape timbers are easy to find, inexpensive, and very easy to handle. One way to use these timbers is to leave them long and use them as straight lined edging around a long squared off bed. Adding a couple of layers will add dimension to the edging, but make sure to use landscape spikes to hold them together. Another option is to cut the timbers into shorter pieces and stand them upright around the bed. Alternating between tall and short pieces will help create a unique and eye-catching look.


Unconventional Materials:

If the options above are a little too traditional for you, consider using an unconventional material such as colorful glass bottles.


The perfect landscape edging material can be found to complement and enhance any home and garden. Whether you’ve planted one small flower bed or several large beds, edging will keep the beds separated from the rest of your lawn. Most edging is easy to install and maintain. Let your personality shine through with unique and unexpected materials or with traditional and classic techniques.

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