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We are already a couple of weeks into spring and there is still a lot of work to be done! Spring wouldn’t be spring without the dreaded cleaning. After being stuck in hibernation mode all winter, the last place you want to be is inside, so the best place to start your spring cleaning is outdoors. Enjoy the fresh cool air and warming sunshine while you clean up your lawn.

Below are a few tips for a better looking lawn this spring and into the summer:

  • Over the long winter, debris and dead plant waste has built up in your lawn. It is important to remove this right away. This waste and debris will prohibit plant growth underneath it. You will need to rake your lawn and under all shrubs and low canopy trees as well. Leaves left over from the year before will eventually break down, but until then they will create a home for mold and make for an unsightly lawn.
  • Thatch can be an ongoing problem that keeps your lawn from living up to its potential and should be removed immediately. What is thatch? Thatch is an almost impenetrable mat of tangled, intertwined grass and other material on the ground surface. If left for too long it will become too thick for good root development to occur. Thatch limits the amount of oxygen, moisture, and nutrients that are able to get to the roots.
  • After dethatching your lawn, you should consider aerating it. Removing plugs of sod will loosen the soil, allowing for better root development. This also improves your lawns water and nutrient intake, making for a greener and lusher lawn.
  • Fertilize! Fertilize! Fertilize! Spring is the best time to get the grass growing again. Yes, it will grow on its own, but fertilize your lawn and it will grow much faster and be much greener. While you fertilize, it is also a great time to get rid of weeds. A pre-emergent for crabgrass control is essential this time of year.
  • Now is the time to clean up your gardening tools and sharpen or replace the blades on your lawn mower. Your lawn mower sat all winter; instead of running that old gas through it, have the tank drained and a tune up performed. This will save you in the long run later this summer when your mower will be your most important tool.


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We are here to make your life easier in 2014 so that you can simply sit back and enjoy your flawless lawn!

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