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If you want healthy, flourishing, beautiful gardens throughout the summer it will take a little love and care. The most important ingredient for healthy plants is fertilizer. Fertilizer to a plant is like a good breakfast for us – it provides energy and essential nutrients.

Look closely at the packaging when choosing a fertilizer for your plants. The three main ingredients in a good fertilizer are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Most of the time the quantities are equal, but sometimes there will be more nitrogen. The best fertilizers for a garden are 5-10-5, 10-10-10, or 12-12-12. These numbers indicate the amount of the three main ingredients. About 1 ½ pounds of fertilizer should be used per 100 square feet of garden space.

Slow release fertilizer is a great and convenient option that even the busiest person can utilize. Slow release means exactly what you would think – feed the plants once and the fertilizer will slowly release into your garden, feeding your plants for three to six months!

Fertilizing your plants will provide many benefits. Your plants will grow quicker and they will be bigger, more beautiful, and produce more flowers. If you are using a slow release product you will also save time and create less work for yourself. Fertilizers are made for both indoor and outdoor plants, so feel free to use it on all of your plants. Happy growing!

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