Ferns: Not As Delicate As They Look

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Ferns are a very common plant that can be found in most gardens. There are an estimated 12,000 different species of ferns in the world. Ferns are representatives of a very ancient and important group of plants. Pre-dating the evolution of humans, mammals, reptiles and birds, their origins can be traced to the late Devonian period, approximately 360 million years ago. Although fossils of plants are very rare, there are a number of excellent fossil fern specimens.

Ferns have proven their endurance throughout the years. They are very hardy indoor houseplants that can bring a great look to any room. Although ferns may appear delicate, they are very robust and easy to care for. They can be placed in a shady location and some ferns, like the Japanese holly fern, actually do better in a cooler environment. There are many varieties of ferns that require near the same care, they would look nice planted together in the same pot or placed in a grouping to give interest to an empty part of a room.

Ferns prefer filtered light, so be sure to place them only in low light areas. The best placement is near a north or east facing window. If you are planting ferns outside, or moving your potted ferns outside for the summer, be sure to keep them shaded. Ferns prefer high humidity, but most varieties will do fine in moderate humidity as well. Just be sure not to let this plant get overheated, as that will surely cause its demise. Ferns require more frequent – but light – watering. Do not over water – instead small sips of water three to four times a week during the summer and about once a week during the colder months will keep it very happy and healthy.

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