Eliminating Wasps

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At some point, everyone runs into a wasp nest. Most of the time wasps emerge in a place where you or your family members work or play, making it hazardous for all involved. Wasps can be beneficial, but not when you are trying to enjoy a barbecue in your backyard. Getting rid of wasps safely is a primary concern for people who have a wasp problem.

One method to get rid of wasps is to spray the wasp nest. If using this method, be cautious, it is essential to spray the wasp repellent from a good distance to keep from getting stung. Select a wasp spray that is safe to use around children and pets. There are eco-friendly wasp sprays with minimal harmful ingredients. Also, make sure you have a good escape plan if the wasps decide to come after you.

Another method is to use wasp traps. Simply add a little sugar water and wait. Wasps and yellow jackets are attracted to the trap, they enter to gather the sugar water but quickly realize they cannot get out. These traps should be placed somewhat away from your home in order to draw the wasps away from you, and to prevent new wasps from being drawn to your home.

The best way is to not let wasps build a nest to begin with, which is easier said than done. Wasps seem to build their nests in the tiniest of crevasses, hidden from our sight. These tiny pests can cause a huge problem, so make sure to be on the offensive when you see them near your home. Watch closely to find out where the wasps go in order to find the nest and eliminate the problem before the wasps take over. If the problem is too large for you to handle, call a professional to do the work for you. Wasps and other stinging insects can be dangerous, don’t take any unnecessary risks.

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