Decking Your Halls

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The Holiday Season is truly the most magical time of year. Gathering with friends and family, spending time with the ones you love, and reminiscing with the ones you don’t see often enough are the true focal points of this season. However, preparing for the Holidays is often a stressful time as well– baking, shopping, and decorating requires a lot of your time and energy, but it is all worth is when you can look at your beautifully decorated home and the smiles on all of the faces.

Decorating the outside of your home or business is not the easiest task, and can often be dangerous. There are many things to keep in mind when you are decorating your home, but safety should be the number one priority.

Make sure you select lights that are made for outdoor lighting in order to prevent power issues or destruction to property – these lights should be manufactured to be water resistant and emit more light.

Many people use a staple gun to hang their outdoor Christmas lights, but there is a great potential for danger when using a staple gun. If a staple goes through the lighting it could cause a short in the wiring and lead to a dangerous fire. It is best to use the hangers that are designed to hold the lights.

Be sure to use a ladder that is not too tall or too short. Find one that allows you easy access to the area that you will be decorating. Make sure that the ladder is steady before getting on it, and have someone standing at the bottom of the ladder to help provide stability.

Before beginning, make sure your lights will reach the outlet. It is best to use an outdoor power outlet, as these lights often use more power than an indoor outlet can support. If you do not have an outdoor power outlet, an indoor outlet can be used if you know that the power supply is ample – just be sure to run extension cords safely and smartly.

Plan ahead and check your lights before you begin to hang them! There is nothing worse than spending hours hanging lights, only to realize that there is a strand that has burned out. Making sure all of the lights work and knowing exactly where you are going to hang them will make the job easier, faster, and safer.

Get the whole family involved to truly get into the Holiday spirit. There are so many different lighting options and colors that can truly make your home unique and beautiful! Be safe, and have fun decking your halls!

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