Dandelion Weed Control: Full Speed Ahead

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Dandelion Weed Control: Full Speed Ahead

Broadleaf Weeds Spring into Action

You’ve seen the yellow warning signs popping up– it’s time for dandelion weed control (before they take over!). Sadly, dandelions can’t be prevented from germinating, unlike with crabgrass pre-emergent. They need to be stopped after they start to grow, but before they release those 250 seeds per seed head into your yard and neighborhood. The growing process from flower to seed only takes 9-12 days!

Without Dandelion Weed Control, What Happens?

A picture is worth a thousand words, so take a look at what happens without dandelion weed control.

Without Dandelion Weed Control, What Happens?

An individual dandelion plant will produce up to 37,500 seeds each season. These perennial plants come back every year, and can live for up to 10 years. Over its lifetime, one dandelion plant can send 375,000 seeds flying into the wind! Dandelions are a weed that you simply can’t ignore.

Over time, this invasive weed from Eurasia will smother turf and completely take over lawns. Pulling the weeds is difficult, because of the long taproot. And, this plant is very resilient. Any remaining taproot left in the ground will regenerate next season (or even sooner).

The Paramount Lawn Fertilization Program stops dandelions in their tracks. Even if your neighbor’s yard looks all white and fluffy with seeds, our six-step program covers the dandelion growing season from early spring through late fall. Plus, fertilization encourages lush turf growth that doesn’t offer dandelions any space to get started.

Beyond Dandelion Weed Control: Other Weeds Ready to Creep In

With their yellow flowers, dandelions are easy to spot. At Paramount, we understand that dandelion weed control might be your top priority. But there are so many other broadleaf weeds that can infest your lawn and take over. Have no fear:

“The top-of-the-line dandelion weed control product we use kills over 230 broadleaf weeds while being safe for lawn grasses grown in the Cincinnati area. Once dried, it’s also perfectly fine for people and pets to use the lawn again.”

Here are some other broadleaf weeds common to the Cincinnati area:

  • Speedwell
  • Wild violet
  • Thistle
  • Knotweed
  • Oxalis
  • White clover
  • Spurge
  • Purslane
  • Ground ivy
  • Chickweed
  • Carolina geranium
  • Henbit

Different weed species grow best in different soils, moisture levels and soil type. You may not see all of these threatening the beauty of your lawn. But one thing is certain: your particular lawn is the perfect environment for at least one opportunistic variety of weed, and it will find you!

Dandelion Weed Control & Beyond: We Want You to LOVE Your Lawn

At Paramount, our goal is simple. We want our customers to absolutely love their lawn and landscapes. It’s our mission, and every team member is dedicated to it. Here are a few weed control reviews from our Cincinnati-area customers.

“We went through four lawn care companies before we started with Paramount. Our lot was fully wooded before we built eight years ago and we struggled with weed control and good coverage. Ben has done a great job treating our yard this year and it is looking fantastic. They are not the cheapest company but they have been the best. We are extremely satisfied the results.” – Bryan

“We’ve had just two applications of lawn fertilizer and weed/pest control so far, but very happy with the results! Our lawn was overrun with clover a little over a month ago, but you’d never know it now! Ben did our application today and was very helpful and informative, letting me know what all was done and to water the lawn in the next couple of days for best results. Thanks Ben and thanks Paramount!” – Lindsay

“Paramount has been our weed and feed service provider since I can remember (8+years?). ” – Don

“Paramount Lawn has done wonders for our yard. We struggled with weeds and crab grass upon moving in and now our yard is thick, green and weed free! What a difference it has made. And for what it costs to attempt to treat the yard yourself, it’s a no brainer! I feel like it’s been very affordable! We would highly recommend Paramount Lawn to anyone looking to improve their yard!” – Karrie

“Our lawn was a weed farm a couple of years ago. We re-up with Paramount Lawn & Landscape every year now for a weed-free beautifully green yard!” – Sandra

Start getting a lawn you will love this season! Don’t suffer with dandelions, bare patches and disappointment any longer! Reach out to the experts at Paramount with your questions, or get an instant lawn care quote right now.



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