Increase Your Curb Appeal With Landscape Lighting

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Landscape lighting is used to add dimension and allure to homes and outdoor features. Accent lighting and landscape lighting can bring forth a very different night time beauty that was previously overlooked. During the darker winter months, landscape lighting can add a value of warmth to the look of the home; while during the summer months, when the landscaping is in full bloom, landscape lighting will accentuate the best and most appealing aspects of your home and landscaping.

Below are a few ways to use landscape lighting in order to make your home more attractive and unique:

  • Adding lights along your driveway is like calling out to your guests “welcome!” It makes a first impression on visitors that they will not soon forget.
  • Lighting a water feature truly brings it to life. Water features are beautiful on their own, but when you add illumination to the feature it provides reflection, sparkle, and a sense of liveliness that otherwise would not be present.
  • When you add light to the side of your home, you draw attention to it in a positive way. A home with landscape lighting directed toward the walls outside of the house makes the home glow at night.
  • Lighting the outside of your home also makes it less of an attractive stop for burglars. Burglars cannot creep unnoticed through your yard and up to your home when you have landscape lighting illuminating the whole area.
  • Adding landscape lighting can even enhance winter landscapes; accentuating trees, bushes, and even ornaments can really add a visual effect that can make your landscaping more appealing.


So whether it is for safety, general lighting of a street or walkway, or to add beauty and aesthetic appeal to a home, landscape lighting is a great investment and a wonderful way to add value and curb appeal to your home.

Having landscape lighting installed professionally can help you avoid some very common mistakes that detract from the landscape instead of enhancing it, and will provide you with lighting options that may have been overlooked if trying to design and install lighting on your own. Professional installation of landscape lighting is easy and adds value to a home with minimal effort and no inconvenience. Landscape lighting adds undeniable curb appeal and increased value faster than almost any other home improvement.

Our lighting professionals at Paramount have a very critical eye for landscape lighting and can easily introduce you to the best options to highlight the beauty of your home and landscape. This ensures that your landscape lighting will be more than adequate, it will be phenomenal. Call us today to get a free quote on your landscape lighting! (513) 984-5200

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