Benefits of Lawn Aeration

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In order for you to have a healthy lawn, it is often necessary to aerate. Lawn aeration is the process of prodding small holes in the top surface of the soil. Aerating the lawn once or twice per year is certain to help with creating a green and lush lawn.

Some of the major benefits of aerating your lawn are as follows:

  • Root development:  It is difficult for roots to prosper in compacted soil, so it is often necessary to loosen the soil to ensure the roots develop to the ideal depth. A shallow root system will experience early problems in drought conditions. By opening up the soil, it makes it possible for the roots to reach the idea depth which will make them much hardier in poor climate conditions.
  • Water and nutrients: A well aerated lawn will help increase the chances of water and nutrients sinking to the right depths. Compacted soil limits the ability for water and nutrients to reach the necessary depths.
  • Eliminate thatch: Most lawns start to experience issues with thatch to some degree overtime. In time, this layer of organic material can restrict the ability for rain and sunlight to reach the roots. Aeration will help to break up this thatch and give the roots an opportunity to flourish.
  • Slows weed growth: Most weeds have a short and shallow root structure, which means they are more likely to thrive in compacted and hard soil. By aerating the soil, it is less likely that the water will stay near the surface. In turn, this will help promote the growth of the grasses deeper roots.
  • Micro-organisms: Another benefit to aerating the lawn is the development of micro-organisms, which are healthy for the lawn and help to fertilize the soil and break down the thatch.
  • Prevents harmful bacteria: Lawn aeration is helpful for slowing the growth of harmful bacteria. A variety of bacteria and fungi species are known to thrive in the poorly maintained lawn areas. A poor quality root structure makes the lawn able to receive the required nutrients, which will make your lawn more susceptible to infection from pathogenic microbes.


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