Artificial Turf – Not Just For Football Fields

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Maintaining a lawn can be a difficult and costly process. You have to water, fill in occasional bald spots, mow, over-seed, aerate, fertilize, and control weeds and insects. Whew! That can be a lot for anyone, not to mention our elderly friends and neighbors. Of course, you could hire a reputable landscape company, like Paramount, to do the work for you but some people just want a completely hassle free and maintenance free lawn. That’s where artificial turf comes in!

Artificial turf is a man-made product that simulates the look of grass. It was originally used for athletic fields, but has started popping up in residential areas because of the major improvements in quality and appearance. The fact that there is no maintenance required has also caused the spike in private lawn applications. It is a long lasting product that looks good year round – say goodbye to brown spots in the winter!

Artificial turf is also a great choice if you are trying to ‘go green,’ or if you are in a city that has to conserve water. This manufactured turf has greatly improved in that past two decades and is now more environmentally friendly than ever. It also gets rid of the need to use pesticides and fertilizers, and is allergen-free and recyclable. Also, by eliminating the hundreds of gallons of water needed to keep a lawn green throughout the year you will also cut back on your utility bills.

So, if you are in need of a hassle free lawn that is green throughout the year, consider having Paramount install artificial turf. It will look great and provide you with the free time you need to focus on the more important things in your life.

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