Adding Color To Your Landscape With Dogwood Trees

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Flowering Dogwood trees are perhaps the most popular tree for landscaping. They are small enough that they can be placed virtually anywhere and provide beautiful color and contrast throughout the year.

Spring buds provide gorgeous hues of whites and pinks, while the summer foliage provides shade and texture. The unique foliage carries into the fall with deeper shades of red and in the cold months the dogwood’s interesting form will allow your landscape to appear bountiful even in the dead of the winter.

Dogwoods are generally easy to grow, however they do require some TLC. Their modest size makes them perfect for smaller areas where you just need a little something to make your landscape look complete. It is best to plant them in an area that receives partial shade, but make sure that the area you choose has well-drained, slightly acidic soil. Heavy clay soil or sandy soil should be avoided. Water your tree thoroughly during dry periods to ensure proper growth and development.

Unfortunately, dogwoods are very susceptible to disease and insects. However, there are varieties that are disease resistant – check with your local grower to see if they have any of these before purchasing your tree. The bark of the dogwood tree is very sensitive and takes a lot of time to heal, so when mowing or trimming be careful with your equipment around the tree.

Generally, dogwood trees do not require regular pruning, but you may want to prune occasionally to maintain the desired shape. Make sure you always remove any dead, damaged, or decaying branches as any infection can spread to the rest of the tree. It is also extremely important to keep your garden clean and free of leaves and other organic wastes which can become a breeding ground for insects and bacteria. A tidy garden will reduce the chances of disease and infection.

The time spent on caring for you dogwood tree will pay off in a big way when you see the first beautiful blooms. Visit your local garden center to find the perfect variety of dogwood for your landscape. Each variety has its own charm and charisma.

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