8 Landscape Lighting Ideas for 2023

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Landscape Lighting Ideas for 2023

Start Dreaming Now… Winter is a Wonderful Time to Install Lighting

At Paramount, we love helping families light up their homes, especially during the winter months, when nights are so long. Here are our top landscape lighting ideas for 2023 to help you bring cheer to your outdoors now… and look forward to times spent outside on summer evenings!

  1. Focus on the details
  2. Accentuate Christmas lights
  3. Match fixtures to your architecture
  4. Safety can be attractive
  5. Integrate lighting into your hardscapes
  6. Turn trees into works of art
  7. All around the pool
  8. Consider your whole home in your plan

Landscape Lighting Idea 1:
Focus on the Details

Landscape Lighting Ideas for 2023

This Paramount customer has a beautifully detailed home, from dormers to soffits to natural stone. Why hide all those details when the sun goes down? We helped them bring landscape lighting ideas to life by lighting the home’s exterior all around the pathway to the front door. Here are two detail shots.

Landscape Lighting Ideas for 2023

This home’s textures are truly interesting and worth admiring. Wall wash lighting adds contrast to the stone, brick and woodwork. At night, you see this home in an entirely new light.

Landscape Lighting Ideas for 2023

As the entrance to the home, the porch posts get special attention and a brighter focus than other parts of the house.

Landscape Lighting Idea 2:
Accentuate Christmas Lights

Another landscape lighting idea is to work your lighting into your Christmas light plan. Installing enough light strands to cover your entire house is an extreme amount of work (We’re looking at you, Clark Griswold). With landscape lighting, all you need are a few wreaths and light strands to make your home exterior fully festive.

Landscape Lighting Ideas for 2023

This Paramount customer also added twining garland to their porch posts and twinkle lights in the dormant bushes, which we love.

Landscape Lighting Ideas for 2023

Landscape Lighting Idea 3:
Match Fixtures to Your Architecture

Modern LED landscape lighting comes in an array of fixture designs and finishes. From black to oiled bronze, and from contemporary to Arts & Craft, there are beautiful fixtures to complement your beautiful home. The pathlight below is a clean, yet traditional design.

Landscape Lighting Ideas for 2023

Landscape Lighting Idea 4:
Safety Can Be Attractive

Lighting is used to beautify your outdoor spaces, and also to improve safety. But safe lighting doesn’t need to be ugly. Down lighting from the underside of these benches keeps people from falling into the pond. But it doesn’t destroy the enjoyment of sitting around the fountain, enjoying the sights and sounds of falling water.

Landscape Lighting Ideas for 2023

Landscape Lighting Idea 5:
Integrate Lighting into Your Hardscapes

Outdoor kitchens, fire pits, outdoor fireplaces and patios are all popular hardscape enhancements to your property. Hardscape lighting seamlessly integrates into these installations for the exact right light, exactly where you need it. Here’s a landscape lighting idea built into a retaining wall that doubles as a bench around the fire pit.

Landscape Lighting Ideas for 2023

This gorgeous outdoor kitchen is a chef’s dream! And hardscape lighting helps people navigate around it safely in the dark.

Landscape Lighting Ideas for 2023

Landscape Lighting Idea 6:
Turn Trees into Works of Art

Illuminating your home’s front is a standard feature of landscape lighting. But shedding light on the trees that frame your home is a stellar landscape lighting idea. With this home, trees balance the corners of the structure, as well as line the grand entry to the front door. If the trees were left in the dark, the home would be hidden in shadows.

Landscape Lighting Ideas for 2023

Landscape Lighting Idea 7:
All Around the Pool

At night, a glowing pool is an enchanting thing. The water expands the light, making your pool a soft beacon. With landscape lighting around the pool, the beauty intensifies. Favorite features like trees, shrubs, statuary or waterfalls add height to the scene. Your pool area transforms into a welcoming oasis in the evening.

Landscape Lighting Ideas for 2023

Another important element to lighting around the pool is safety. You want to be able to see where you’re going to avoid trips and falls. As any pool owner knows, safety has to be #1 around water.

Landscape Lighting Idea 8:
Consider Your Whole Home in Your Plan

Many times, we’re asked to light up a pathway, or a front door. But your home is more than just its individual parts. When designing landscape lighting ideas, we take your entire home into our plan:

  • Highlight the best, most interesting features
  • Promote ease of navigation on walkways and driveways
  • Improve safety and security
  • Make living spaces usable at night
  • Create a balanced picture of your home and property

Here’s a beautiful example of a home that’s carefully and comprehensively lit with landscape lighting.

Landscape Lighting Ideas for 2023

Looking for more landscape lighting ideas? The experts at Paramount Lawn + Landscape are here to learn about your needs. Contact us. And check out our Landscape Lighting Resources for more inspiration.

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