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Lawn Fertilization

Lawn fertilization will give your yard the nutrition it needs to stay healthy and green all season long. We offer programs to fertilize your lawn on a regular basis, giving it what it wants so you have the greenest house on the block all year long. Call us to get a free estimate!

Lawn Fertilization Cincinnati

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Lawn Fertilization Program

A lot of our customers found us because they were looking for a landscaping company who could give them a green yard all year long. This is one of our most popular programs, where we offer constant fertilization and also weed control at the same time.

We offer a lawn fertilization and weed control program as part of our lawn care service. This application comes in six steps:

Round 1 is the spring application, where we apply pre-emergent herbicides for crabgrass control, plus fertilizer to keep your grass growing green, healthy and crabgrass-free.

Round 2 is the lawn fertilization that goes on in early summer where we do another layer of pre-emergent herbicides for crabgrass control, as well as broadleaf weed control, and another dose of fertilizer to keep that good grass growing

Round 3 is our mid-summer application where we lay down insect and grub control, and, of course, fertilizer. If you still need more herbicide against broadleaf weeds, we’ll also do spot spraying during this application.

Round 4 is the application that goes on in late summer, which is another dose of fertilizer and another spot spraying against broadleaf weeds, if your lawn necessitates it.

Round 5 is our fall lawn fertilization service that will lay down fertilizer to keep your lawn growing strong, and another spot spray of anti-broadleaf weed chemicals if your lawn still needs it.

Round 6 is the winter application that will put a slow-release fertilizer into your lawn that can continuously feed it into the spring.

Professional FertilizationAs you can see, we really cover all the bases when you sign up for our fertilization and weed control program. We visit your property every few weeks to ensure your yard looks great and isn’t being riddled with weeds. We use only high-quality chemicals to ensure optimum growth of the good grass, and inhibit non-optimum growths.

Our lawn care specialists only use pesticides that have been tested for years and proven to be successful. We are also licensed by the Department of Agriculture to apply the high-quality fertilizers and chemicals we use in our lawn fertilization service, so you can be sure that we are doing a great job with the right products for your lawn.

Deep Root Fertilization

We also offer a deep root fertilization for trees and shrubs that will get the nutrients your plants need down deep where the plants can get to them. If your trees or shrubs seem to be suffering, call us to have one of our lawn fertilization specialists come do an inspection on your property and perform the needed service. It most likely can be handled with a deep root fertilization to get the right nutrients down to the roots’ level and absorbed.

We’ve turned around many trees, shrubs and other plants with our state-of-the-art fertilization applications. There’s a reason we are the top landscaping company in the area – find out for yourself and see what we could do for your lawn!

Our lawn fertilization service will keep your
Grass growing through any season
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We provide lawn fertilization in Cincinnati, Loveland, Mason and surrounding areas.


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