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Retaining Walls

A retaining wall will enhance any landscaping project you’ve done to your property. By putting in a beautiful hardscape such as one of our custom-designed stone or paver walls, you’ll be making your property that much more beautiful and valuable. Contact us to find out what it would take to build a retaining wall for your home!

Retaining Walls Cincinnati

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We have hundreds of varieties and options for you to choose from. We can use a retaining wall to block off land surrounding a set of concrete or stone steps leading up to another area of your yard. We can separate off a fire pit or outdoor kitchen from the rest of the yard to give it the feeling of being its own space. You can even turn a patio into its own entertaining space with a retaining wall to block it off from other areas, and even turn that into a seat wall to serve as a bench for your family, or guests.

Any ordinary backyard or patio can be miraculously transformed into an outdoor living space by setting the area off with retaining walls, and using a combination of custom-designed pavers, installing an outdoor kitchen with a barbecue, having a focal point of a central fire pit surrounded by a seat wall… you get the idea.

We will make any setting into a breathtaking, customized space that coordinates with your styles and tastes. No matter if you prefer modern, rustic, contemporary, elegant or other, we will build the perfect landscape setting for you!

Retaining Wall Construction

We use a number of materials during retaining wall construction, all of which have their different pros and cons. Some of the most common materials we use are as follows:

Granite – one of the most attractive stones available, this is our most popular material for custom walls. It is heavier than limestone and can therefore hold immense weight.

Limestone – available in a variety of light colors and patterns (including white, and red and blue tints), limestone is quite popular due to its affordability and versatility.

Fieldstone – another type of stone we can use in retaining walls, which is available in a number of sizes, depending on the height of the custom wall we’re building.

Pavers – a popular type of retaining wall block is the paver type. These are generally the most affordable types, since they are man-made and are so readily available. One great thing about the pavers is that they are available in so many colors, patterns and sizes that we can use them to fit any style.

Retaining Wall ConstructionRetaining Wall Contractors
Our installation team have been doing this for a long time now, and we do a consistently great job. You can see examples of our work in our gallery – we have over 25 years of experience in the industry and in this industry, and we know how to make great retaining walls. When you’re ready to hire a company to install your custom wall, give us a call. We’re confident you’ll quickly see that we’re the best, and you won’t be sorry!

Retaining Wall Ideas

Our design teams are also available to help you finalize your plans, if you’ve only got a rough concept of what you’re going for, or you haven’t really got much of an idea at all. No problem! We’ve got hundreds of ideas up our sleeves, and we’d love to hear your plans and ideas and help you create your dream hardscape scenery.

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We can custom design and install a retaining wall in Cincinnati, Loveland, Mason and nearby cities.


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